January 17, 2021

Youtuber Exposes Bestiality Ring in India

Everyone keeps asking me why my channel stopped getting views all of a sudden and I’ve been individually telling people. I figured why not just show everyone on stream so they can get a better idea of these weird videos that my channel is being recommended under. It almost seems that my channel has stopped showing up under the older categories of videos i posted such as pets and animals or diy tutorials. I started looking into my analytics a bit deeper and realized that my channel is being suggested next to very inappropriate videos of young women and girls with dogs. the weird part is you can tell that these videos are shot in such a way to avoid being shut down but they always seem to get a butt or crotch shot; sometimes even having the thumbnails as photos of dogs humping the girls. This is very sick and my most viewed videos are getting filled with sick comments from people in India and Afghanistan mostly saying things like they want to have S*x with my dog. It’s disgusting and this needs to stop. I really hope they are able to find a way to properly moderate these weird playlists that the channels are being thrown into automatically. If you have any suggestions please feel free to leave it in the comments below for me. I will be checking. Also, please share this with anyone that you think can shed a better light on this subject and maybe we can work together to stop this crap! The policy team were informed already about this. Hopefully something can be done ssoooooonn.

Also look at 27:58, The Dog almost bites her and look at how she looks at the camera. I was just noticing this after posting the video… something definitely isn’t right here.

They are demonetizing this video too so please take a moment to check out one of the links below to help the channel.

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  • Yo, the second most recomended videos are from Brazil. I am ashamed of being brazilian right now. I hate my own country

  • These people on YouTube doing beastiality is pretty corrupt stuff… YouTube needs to step on their game man

  • Gross not to be weirs or negative but I have to wonder how many people in these videos are victims of human trafficking

  • The dro .wtf ? That's seriously sick I loves my wild animal friends I helps them out is that ain't well I hand feeds. I'm not into animals that way what's wrong with some people can't get a human as a partner fox albiazul messes with his fox he's on YouTube he wears a blue fox fursuit 😡💢🐺🐾

  • I watched a bit of your video about thumbnails and that, but your wolf video is kind of the same with the thumbnail, video.

  • Haha "It's a dude!")) Oh my… Those people are crazy, their videos are sick! Good luck! I hope everything will get back to normal soon…

  • He drew have ever owned a sulcata tortoise a leopard tortoise these guys live in areas where there's a lot of lions and leopards and wild dogs

  • Dro, you might want to go and see a psychic or someone to find out if someone put a curse or something on you, because you seem to catch the worst of the worst too often for this all to be a random happenstance.

  • You’d hope everywhere was subject to YouTube’s TOS and it would be enforced. Not that I want another press scandal with YT, but why couldn’t they have jumped on this instead of PDP’s bridge incident or something. This is so much worse.

  • I’m beyond words right now. A similar thing happened with these depraved kid’s channels that would show unspeakable things with characters such as Spider-Man and Elsa. This is why YouTube’s algorithm is a complete failure! It’s gotten to a point where you can’t even post an innocent video of your pets without having this happen. I hope this gets cleared out soon. I feel incredibly bad for you.

  • YouTube should filter the YouTubers, and people who overall have a YouTube acct. Or get a bot that filters, it's called Nightbot.

  • Yeah porn is illegal in India and Pakistan. There are thousands of years of historical art in India of what we recognise as beastiality. It's not that it's necessarily current common thinking, or that it is acceptable in India. But it's a huge country, with a massive poverty problem, lack of education, high mortality and a disproportion between male and female babies.

    It combines to produce sexual crimes of all kinds. Rape is a massive problem there, as we know from reporting that has reached the Western media. It seems like there is a major gang-rape in India reported every week in the major papers here in the UK. Beastiality isn't seen in India as a good thing, by means, but I think the culture is quite different around sex abuse of animals compared to how we see it here in the West.

  • It’s been proven too that since youtube and google are linked together that whatever you type in the google search bar is linked to what your recommended feed is. There’s tons of videos on it, there’s a weird side of YouTube with similar videos to these ones you showed involving kids too, it’s really fucked up and needs to be addressed.

  • Those dogs don't look like dogs that are looked after in the sense most of us would use the words. They looked like strays that had been gathered up for long enough to film the video & that's it.

    The South East Asian videos looked like they had been made in Vietnam (or perhaps Laos) to me, rather than say Thailand or the Philippines.

  • Circa 30 minute mark, the comments on the cross-dresser video are in really bad French. (More generally, I've seen a lot of inappropriate comments on YouTube videos from Indian men.)

  • This happens in youtube comments for child exploits. There have been people going into that horrible rabbit hole. This seems to be the same issue. It's been ridiculous to see your posts on this platform.

  • Look at the 6th down suggested video at 20:17…that’s some weird shit…I’m glad you’re bringing this to light bc it’s fucked up

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