September 1, 2020

WARNING 18+Only! Three X-Rated Games

This is part 2 of my 18+adult only content for gamers!

1st game Rinse and Repeat: 0:52
2nd game House Party: 5:29
3rd Game The Tearoom: 14:20

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Hello All!!!…This is MixedMami1980 or you can just call me Mixed so nice to possibly meet you! I LOVE LOVE LOVE to play video games (I mean who doesn’t right?!) I like to play a variety of video games types any kind and everything! No really I like it all from adventure, indie, 1st person, fighting, ect. oh and especially horror! I like to upload them on YouTube when I can and live stream them on Twitch. You can find my Twitch page by searching “MixedMami1980”. I also have other social media pages if you are interested and they all can be found by searching my name. I have a Facebook page where I like to post about upcoming games, update of cool DLC’s, funny pictures ect. I also have a Twitter page where I like to share other YouTuber’s and Twitcher’s that I follow so check that out if you would like to know what I’m up to or who I’m watching. Last my Instagram is used for funny memes, announcement when I’m going live, to share a bit of my personal life and pictures (who doesn’t like pictures?!). If you wonder where I got my gamer tag name from well it’s pretty simple. I’m with mixed nationalities Black American and Puerto Rican and I’m also a gamer mom. Little bit about myself…I rather make a complete U-Turn further down the road then to wait for a Red Light, I prefer Walmart over Target and my most favorite food combination is Pizza and a Cold Beer! Well I guess that is enough for now, I hope you enjoy my content and see you in my live streams Peace!


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