November 26, 2020

The Fundamentals Of Game (Part 8 Approach)

I have preached and preached that you must study the fundamentals. But what are they? In this series I break them down one by one and teach you how to hone them to a fine point. In this one we talk about the power of tonality.

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  • What video would you recommend of yours or others that help with directly after the opener. I'm not sure of the exact terminology of this, but I think it could be known as mid game, or attract and comfort phase (if you could help clarify this for me, I would be grateful).

    What are the all the stages of modern game that is believed by most current PUA's?

  • bro your content is resonating so mcuh with me – happy i found this channel. i would assume you'd already be at the hundreds of thousands of subscribers honestly. only a matter of time


  • "If I had to break it down, this video would be 1 hour and a half long" => Dude! we need that 1H 30M, do a braindump on YT, we all need that.

  • Hey, I am new on your channel and I am suprised becouse you really read comments . I am cold approaching for 4 weeks and I had questions like what about should I concentrate . I now practice on fundamentals am I doing it right?? I will be happy if you answer

  • Well duh, it's quite obvious why approaching is fundamental, because women are obviously not gonna do it, so it's gotta be us

  • bro It's difficult to do cold approach since it's really difficult to get access to the attractive females, also on campus either of 2 things will happen { 1. Get their number, they flake
    2. They don't give you the time of day}
    I get results with mediocre girls every now & then.
    I have had very little success with the hot chicks, my consistency has not been favorable with them! They're all about their status, I realize the solution is social circle, any tips before I join clubs tryna get access to the attractive females?

  • What's your lay count? Have you heard of Jmulv? He thinks the same as you about the pick up community

  • I'd love to watch a 1.5 hour long video about approach.
    PS I can't believe this series is free…kudos to you man this is great content

  • How do I get started in game? Should I start approaching with nothing or should I learn the mystery method so I have a foundation before I start approaching? (I only chose the mystery method because it’s really the only method I have access to)

  • been a long time since i commented on one of your video, but i am still watching them. Shadow warrior ftw

  • I've been going out every weekend for almost 2 months and I got to see how stupid I am every single time. I had girls check me out before and stuff, but never had a different girl be interested in me 9 weekends in a row. I didn't approach once and I'm getting absolutely sick of myself not taking a shot even when a girl is obviously interested.

    Consistency guys, shit works.

  • Hey Denton, I pray everyday to the god of pickup so that you will release the promised infield compilation as a 10k special and that it will be fire. Please make the wish come true <3

  • If you made this video just 30 seconds long and you just said to be friendly and talk to anyone, it would still be fucking gold. This is awesome advice, thank you!

  • Great Video. But i think you should shoot a lot more infield to make you more credible. And even infield of you failing and explaining why. Just go out and shoot infield for 2 consecutive weeks. I think infield is all this channel needs to absolutely explode.

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