January 16, 2021

Sony PlayStation 2 :: RGB210 / MY LIFE IN GAMING

Get the Best Picture from your PlayStation 2! The PS2 was designed very specifically for the CRTs of its day. How does it look on CRTs vs. HDTVs, and what are some of the challenges with various cables and upscalers? And you might be surprised by how PS3 backwards compatibility works!

All this, plus HD port comparisons and more!

NOTE: The nature of interlaced video makes it critical that you watch this episode at 60 frames per second, or else many shots just will not look right at all. Ideally, also view on the fastest monitor or TV that you have available. While YouTube’s compression doesn’t fully convey the effect, the OSSC’s bob deinterlacing is completely butchered on monitors with a slow pixel response time.

PCSX2 footage was graciously captured by GigaBoots! Thanks so much!


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  • (22:40) Hello, I don't know if I did get it right: is the original PlayStation 1 RGB cable (sold in Europe?) a good choice for playing PS2 games on original hardware and on a consumer CRT?

  • I absolutely DO NOT recommend playing Jak II from the PS3 HD Collection as the definitive way to experience it. The sound/music is SOOO BEYOND broken. Haven City's music will abruptly SCREAM instruments in your ear, music sounds nothing like the original, explosions will over bloom and sound terrible, Jak will attack a random citizen the opposite direction you were punching and so so many other terrible side effects. I found that running an original PS2 in 480p (Progressive Scan)>GSM: 720p>Sony Component Cables>YPbPr to HDMI Converter (not upscaler just a passthru) and a mClassic set to Green mode and then use your TV's Zoom mode to fit the bottom and top of the screen to fix the GSM's weird squishing. You'll be blown away by the results. It looks like PS4's emulation but with no errors. You could throw an OSSC into this mix but I can confirm this looks incredible as is.

  • 56:32 would someone be kind enough to tell me the name of this one? It's been years since I remember what was it called

  • Quite informative video, I'll probably check into some upscaling solutions for my component cables. I'm quite the fan of more straight forward integer scaling when it comes to my "retro" consoles, even if it might not be particularly accurate to how it would have looked on a TV back then.

    I had my MGS4 PS3 repaired years ago, but I went ahead and picked up a PS3 Super Slim (not even realizing it was yet another revision until much later) for added security. Did a system transfer from the Fat to the SSlim and packed it up. The partial emulation is certainly nice to have, particularly with my PS2 not always playing nice with dual layer DVDs, but it did run into quirks from time to time. I also tended to like the look of original PS2 over component cables slightly more, perhaps just due to how my TV handled the analog image compared to digital from a PS3. More recently, failing PS2 optical drives aren't quite as much of an issue, as with a Fat model, the HDD can be utilized for booting titles. I ended up picking up a second Fat solely due to the HDD/Network Adapter that was with it. It even ran better than mine from ~2003.

  • Kid: Dad, why is my sister named Rose?
    Dad: Because your mother likes roses
    Kid: Cool, thanks Dad
    Dad: No problem, Bob Deinterlacing

  • I bought a CECHA01 backwards compatible PS3 just because of this video. But when I play my PS1/2 games, they look very flickery and awful. They do not look good, like they do in your video. Do you guys have an answer for this? Here is a video of what I’m talking about. This user on Reddit shows the issue as well. https://www.reddit.com/r/PS3/comments/9secx5/running_original_gta_san_andreas_ps2_version_on/?utm_source=amp&utm_medium=&utm_content=comments_view_all

  • #30:35 – The Component and RGB shows all a softer image @RGB , it is caused by recording technics, since i believe your explaination that theres no real difference on quality cables.

  • #20:20 – If you can use it fpr PlayStation and PlayStation 2 it uses RGB , right? Since the first PS don't put out YPbPr?

  • can someone tell me what the music at 42:00 is called I think it's from Kingdom Hearts but I can't find it for the life of me

  • I had bad experience with early fat ps3. Got YLOD after 2 years, also the partial emulation of ps2 is poor. I wanted to play Stuntman, but was one level where the AI controlled car failed to follow his way. He always hit the wall where he shouldnt, and this stage cant be complete. Same with PCSX2. Later i bought ps2 slim, what played it right. But on lcd tv the component cable picture is just suffer from sharp jagged picture. If the game is fully playable with PCSX2, then you cant find better way to play. If doesnt, then you need a crt tv with component video in. Even a smaller CRT TV with composite have better picture than modern lcd tv with component cable on real ps2 hardware.

  • Nooop! El recopilatorio de los Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX en PS4 Pro NO corre a 4k nativos, sino que son reescalados! En todo caso sería 2k.

    Esos juegos del recopilatorio de Kingdom Hearts realmente corren a una resolución de 1440p en PS4 Pro (1080p en el modelo de PS4 estándar). Lo tengo más que comprobado.

    Pero además, doy una evidencia, y es que cuando juego al recopilatorio de los Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 en mi TV Samsung LED 4k de 49" (modelo NU8000) y en el menú de ajustes de configuración de imagen dejo mi PS4 Pro en resolución "automático", es decir, 2160p, veo la imagen más borrosa que con la PS4 Pro a 1080p. ¿Porqué? Claramente esto es por el reescalado de 1440p a 2160p.

    Saludos desde España!

  • If I have a generic 1080p 60 fps HDTV is it better to use component / RGB over PS2toHDMI? I don't wanna shell out fora framemeister or expensive option when I already have the component option

  • The PS5 is gonna launch soon, so we should now consider it as one of the newest official ways to play PS2 games on HD, because it is heard that the PS5 will have backwards compatibility with all previous PS systems.

  • Any chance to see how the "pound" cables or other new options stack up is possible? Maybe send people to this video and keep it a shorter video for that one? I really would love yo see your opinion of these

  • I used the RF coaxial cable for the ps1 and ps2. I had to run the composite cables through my vcr to connect the RF cable to my ps2.

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