January 21, 2021

Silver (1999) PC Gameplay – Part 1

Notice: I’ve added a new and complete longplay of this game, see it on this playlist:

Gameplay of the 1999 PC/Dreamcast game Silver. The game featured a simple story, an interesting and at times a bit difficult control scheme, an innovative radial menu, and an incredible soundtrack.

To summarize the story, an evil wizard named Silver decides that he wants a wife and sends off his men to forcefully retrieve young women from all over the land, including your wife Jennifer. Although you can’t do much to rescue her at first, you join a group of rebels and eventually find out that Silver’s also trying to summon the evil god Apocalypse, and that the only way to fight and stop him is to obtain 8 magical orbs (of elemental fire, ice, health, lightning, earth, acid, time and light) scattered around the world.

The game is saved at checkpoints that are relatively far from each other, and this 1.5 hours of gameplay covers the first 11, which happens to be right up to obtaining the second orb, the Ice Orb.

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  • I remember that after installing it made a really weird voice scream…
    My and my brother would always reinstall it just to listen to it and laugh.

  • I got to play the demo version when I was like 12 with my sis watching. I really loved it but no way for me to get the real game. In my memory this game had crisp, new age graphics. Seeing this game after more than 20 years I learn once again that memories are never perfectly accurate.

  • A couple of people saying that they couldn't finish the game due to game breaking bugs… There were mainly two bugs the US Version had harbor bug and the UK version had the sewer bell bug… I went to Sivernest.com to download the patch… This game taught me how to search the net and patch a game… Good old memories… Finished the game numerous times after that… Wish they would announce a sequel or remake it with improved graphics…

  • I played this game in Brazil with my brother when we were child, so many memories, I bought this game in a magazine near home, the PC version, best choice, recently i bought the game back because my CD-roms were ruined by the time I think. Now I'm looking for an old graphic card to play this game again. That's my childhood.

  • I'd like to play that game again… but Windows 10 says no q.q

    And I'm honest: the german sincronization is pretty good. Normally I like to play Games in english or their original language… but in this game the germans did some good job.

  • Thanks for this walkthrough. She was my second after the Heroes of Might and Magic. But unfortunately, after completing the quest on the yellow key, she hung and began to fly out.

    I am very glad that you posted this walkthrough.

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