January 16, 2021

PELLETING READY FOR PALLETING | Geiselsberg Farming Simulator 19 – Episode 6

Using the Straw Harvest Addon
Chainsaw100’s Video –


NH Combine


Fliegl Low Loaders

Big Bear

John Deere skyline grapple

Raba multipurpose 180

NMC Griffin

Bale Lorry MAN

Manure system mod

MB trac


A useful mod site –
Music by Epidemic Sound

#farmingsimulator19 #fs19

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  • When harvesting should do the ends first then go back and forth on the rest of it harvesting and to end would save a lot of time having to back up going and to end all you have to do is turn around I farm for a living just trying to save you time

  • hi daggerwin i thought this would be interesting for you to work out how the pelets are made in the krone.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BlC691q7sY

  • I started pellet farming and it’s highly profitable as you can sell multiple things crop and pellets that are on the ground

  • For field pelleting I bought a Kinze 851 it fits under the pelleter and i use it to overload into a semi trailer. "I did have to add the pellets to the base game Kinze since it doesnt get added by the script"

  • be aware that there seems to be an issue with using straw harvest with seasons. something about the max amount of filltypes the game supports

    Known Issues:
    – baleGrab on crane takes multiple bales intersecting each other when multiple bales are in the trigger
    – icons for straw/hay pellets are mixed up in selling prices overview
    – volume change loose->pellets does not work vise versa on mixer wagons
    – baleCounter stays visible when HUD is disabled
    – large round bales don´t work well on bale spikes
    – Bonus HeatPlant: Doesn´t stop to produce income

    Known Modconflicts:
    – Seasons, CCM…: mixed-up fruit types (snow to strawPellets) check post above
    – Seasons: hay (dry/semiDry) swaths and bales can sometimes not be processed by the Premos (5% 453l fillLevel). Public beta in development. For now, keep fill level below 5%.
    – Baler Addon: Balers of SH can not be filled with netting/yarn, bales cannot be ejected
    – automatic roundbale ejection:
    – variableBaleCapacity and Premos Bale Shredder:
    – AutoloadTrailer: Palletizer does not start automatically when pallets are loaded with autoload trailers off of the palletizer
    – Alfalfa: No bale support
    – sawmill with global company
    – seeBales: pallets 0l fill level and gamecrash when selling pallets
    – REA: pickup sinks into the ground
    – RealDirtFix
    – BonusHeatPlant and CoursePlay: CP is not working
    – BonusHeatPlant: jump to building on map you land in it

  • I’ve tried the pellets on my game and when they produce and come out. I can’t sell them. It says they’re Fill (0)

  • I have a question. On some of my maps i try to use season's mod with the straw harvest mod but the map won't load. Gives me an error that says season's can't load map because too many fruits are in the ground. Any fix for this ?

  • sandy bay won't load with straw harvest and seasons. Have contacted Giants but they dont want to know

  • Enjoyed watching , loved the series .I had just uploaded my first play on FS19 . it was really fun to play , need some guidance.

  • Hey daggerwin when the pallet of pellets gets wrapped theres a little QR code scan that and you'll get a special download of a heating plant for the straw harvest DLC I think DJGoham tried it and it worked on a Livestream

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