January 20, 2021

Minecraft Xbox Survival Madness : The Island (300)

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► Hide and Seek –
Hiders and Seekers battle it out in an epic rush for victory!
► Survival Madness –
Here we play on survival only, on hard, no creative craziness and no host privileges, just survival Madness!
► Hunger Games –
PVP death-match. Be the last one to survive to win the game!
► Murder Mystery –
One Killer, no one knows who he is… Can you figure it out?
► Friends
Vashke –
JoeGosh –
Catlover –
FrogGirl –

My name is Leo, also known as LionMaker. I was born In Brazil Sao Paolo in 1988. I moved to Belgium as a child at the age of 5 and went to school in Switzerland at the age of 7. When I was younger I always loved performing and being in plays. I would take part in reading competitions, school debates and school plays. Standing in front of a crowd was something that I always enjoyed and felt most at home. I always loved expressing myself in different ways. At a very young age I realised that we could profoundly affect each other. The idea of being able to influence people’s mood by performing some piece of art or reading a piece of text felt very powerful to me. Sadly when I started getting older, the responsibilities of life started to weigh on my shoulders and I started drifting away from my passion. I sadly dropped out of school at 17 and started working in McD. For about 2 years I roamed around a little lost and unsure what to do with my life. I eventually decided to go back to Switzerland and make amends with what I had left behind. Once there, the Swiss army called me to service. I spend a year in training and became a Sergeant. I then decided to do a cooking course and become a Chef. While working as a cook, I started my Youtube channel in 2013. The rest, is History!

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