January 16, 2021

Medicare & Military Veterans – Steve Savant’s Money, the Name of the Game – Part 3 of 5

Sub Headline: Many Vets Misunderstand Their Need for Medicare Coverage

Synopsis: Myth: the VA covers all vets for free. While the Veterans Administration covers some vets for free, most need the additional coverage that Medicare provides. Watch the interview entitled Medicare & Military Veterans part 3 in the series Medicare Supplement & Drug Plans with author, speaker and nationally recognized Medicare expert attorney Sylvia Gordon with talk show host, syndicated financial columnist and popular platform speaker, Steve Savant.

Content: When you’re in the military, life can change quickly. You could be deployed or relocated to a new duty base or assigned to temporary duty. You could be promoted, with an increase in pay grade. You could marry, have children, or get divorced.

The more you expect things to change, the more important it is to be in good shape, personally, professionally, and financially. Being financially fit is what this guide is about—how the choices you make about spending, saving, and investing your money can mean a huge difference in your life, now and in the future.

No matter how well you plan, the unexpected can always happen. Insurance policies can help protect you in case it does. The US government offers low-cost health and life insurance options exclusively to service members, veterans, and their families. To find out more about these plans, visit www.tricare.mil for health coverage and visit the VA’s Insurance website at www.insurance.va.gov for life insurance.

But you many vets have Medicare as well and don’t take advantage of the coverage for themselves as well as their families. The benefits between Medicare and Veterans Affairs don’t correlate, so partnering with a Medicare professional who has a solid understanding of Vet benefits is highly recommended.

If you own a home or a car, you’ll need insurance to cover loss and liability. Some insurers are more reputable than others, so get impartial advice before you select an insurer.

Lightbulb Press contributions are published with permission.

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Syndicated financial columnist, talk show host and popular platform speaker Steve Savant featuring Medicare Supplement & Drug Plans with Sylvia Gordon. Steve Savant’s Money, the Name of the Game is an hour-long financial talk show for financial professionals distributed online in 5 ten-minute video press releases Monday through Friday through Trans World News media outlets, social media networks and industry portals. (www.lifesizesolutions.com) (www.medigapcentral.com)

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  • TRICARE does not care about families the soldiers or the soldiers children TRICARE is just a scam they are racist bigots we pay our money into the dues for all entire life and when your child has minor drug problems to grow into bigger problems TRICARE turns their back and say Humana TRICARE does not help this is racism discriminatory and biased don’t depend on try care they don’t care about families or the children they just want your money

  • Ok, I'm a bit confused because most agents suggest an MA- without the drug plan. To me it makes since to have an MA-PD because it's separate from VA benefits and what if your private doctor writes a Rx for meds. Would the VA pharmacy fill a prescription from a different provider that is non-VA?

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