January 20, 2021

Master System Longplay [015] Zillion

Played By: T-0815

Are you ready for the ultimate danger? You’re alone, outnumbered, and there’s no guarantee you’ll make it out alive.

You’re J.J. Your objective: secretly infiltrate the underground labyrinth of the Norsa Empire and steal their plans for domination. Armed with the ultra speed and power of the Zillion Laser, your mission is complex. And sheer strength will not win this one alone. You’ll need more brains than brawn in this sophisticated operation.

So, how will you think your way to victory?

You’ll need cunning strategy and memory to guide yourself successfully through the maze which awaits. Once inside, you’ll find the information needed to destroy the Norsas and restore peace forever.

The sequel: ” Zillion II ”

Nguồn: https://soicaubamien365.com/

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  • After defeating the creature, you can go back inside the main computer room and restart the countdown to make a much easier escape!

  • I would love to see this game now that the technology has caught up with the storyline. That goes for every game on the 1980s game consoles that were set in space or the future. Galaga 2020 anyone?

  • Yeah I kno after watching this I wouldn't have ever finished this game how you remember how to get back up to the ship at the end wow

  • I remember my moms coming in my room thought I was right a letter to the devil had all these codes written down haaaa

  • omg, this game killed my life when i was a kid, hahahahahaah and btw i still have it with my console work like a charm 🙂
    i also remmber there is secrets areas that u need to destroy the walls to pass them 🙂

  • I borrowed this game from a friend in the late 80s. I had no idea what it was, but he didnt like it for some reason and said i could KEEP it! I loved how the characters looked like Robotech characters in the book art and cutscenes. I was hooked! As the rooms became more difficult, i kept a notepad to jot down the codes. When I found Apple in her cryo cell, I was awed. It seemed like I discovered Han Solo and freed him from the carbonite. I still remember every nuance of the musical score to this day. The final boss was so strange to see after fighting bots and blowing up pods for hours. I freaked out and thought it was some sort of game glitch! LOL
    Awesome game. Great memories!

  • i cant believe i actually beat this game as a kid. it was basically just collecting codes and opening doors, lol

  • One of my favorite games I still remember playing it for hours and hours is one of my top 5 best games for the sms along with golvellius and a couple more games made my childhood

  • I was a kid living in Mexico City back in the 80s we finish this game with my brothers and it was one of the best feeling of our entire childhood

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