November 24, 2020

Learning Ian's Ballads in Rise of Kingdoms (rok)

We take a first crack at beating Ian’s Ballads on hell difficulty in Rise of Kingdoms (rok).

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  • I been sandbagging trying to beat this on easy, I'm 13M power and it's unwinnable. The 3 players with me with 1-3M power don't last 30 sec. What's the point? Stooooopid is what it is…

  • loved this game mode, (and watching y'all goof around in there.) I hope they add new maps regularly and let you play all the old ones when the new ones go live too.

  • yeah that was me who joined before the stream 🙂 if it makes it easier to say, the ivi in my name is just my nerdy version of an M
    so its Metal
    and im happy to see you in a better mood today brother.

  • Leonidas as spartan and Alex as macedonian already can be counted as greek commanders, and greek history has the potential for a couple of new commanders. Furthermore they had the legendary infantry, the phalanx . They should have research speed buff as civilization, obviously, and mayhaps infantry defense or troop defense. It would be a logical choice…

  • Hi Chisgule great video as always!
    I got a question on alliance credit, do we get the full credit frm slow building flags? Or only 20k daily? Irregardless of how many u gain while slow building the flag? Thanks in advance

  • CHISHULE can you figure out where are we goint invest our 1000 and 10000 of unviresal epic sculptures since we cant use it on new epic commander kiera 🤣🤣.

  • They said it will open for all kingdoms and my kd dosnt have it🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️damn lilith now you are lying as well

  • Chisgule i have a question
    Does the talent of the secondary commander have an influence on open field combat?

  • Hi Chisgule, hope your doing well and all the best for your fam. I enjoyed Ian Ballard's, it was really fun. I found using kusonoki really helpful in the event especially when paired him with Richard for tankiness and three cav nukes. Very effecive.

  • Hi, is there any news about next more than gems event?? Or a way to know when is going to be? I m from 1287k

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