August 30, 2020

Ian's Ballad Guide – Takra Forest in Rise of Kingdoms (rok)

This brief guide will help you cruise through the first Ian’s Ballad encounter, Takra Forest in Rise of Kingdoms (rok)

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  • Does kusunoki's First skill remove the negative effect from the barbs in the event? Can someone check that?!

  • When i play , one guy plays then he quit the game! in hard mode only! i have 12 million power but i think ill try normal mode

  • i tried this event and saved in the first camp but i try to go to the second and its not working, i cant save here, why?

  • Chisgule use KUSUNOKI!!! He wipes off ALL DEBUFFS everytime his skill is used. I tested it!!! Great for F2P players and with Joan of Arc decent Agro for team while wiping debuffs

  • Please can some one help me,I immigrated and now I’m a noob I used to have 5 million power can some one please help me I’m 10 years old plz help

  • edit: pull = "get over here"
    from what i understand you cant even do the event until reaching those unlock requirements?
    if so… new content being LITERALLY only for people at ch25 and 25 million plus power… that has mostly stuff only people below 25 mil could possibly need. more of Lilith driving out the free to play and low spenders.
    getting to that point where they are forcing more whales to spend more money to compensate for the loss of players who don't spend money.
    too many money gates and walls by lilith.

  • U don’t even need an army expansion for hell can be done easily without it even if u don’t have t5

  • So I had a weird experience in hell mode. After a couple of failed attempts when we restarted the event, it stopped giving us the "fist" debuff anymore anywhere. It was just helping buff for the enemies. So the Hell mode was a piece of cake for us after. Even with 1 t5, rest t4s and no expansions

  • Can I make a Jumper account in your kingdom? Will you let me in to your alliance So i can claim the rewards? Thanks for making the video

  • When you go into south after the first pass (after the first boss) you found 2 guardians that drop you runes that can help you doing the event.

  • Hi.. Can you give us some Idea about ceroli events. Please.. Am tired of playing ceroli everytime defeat. 😑 I don't understand. 150k t4 just kill in 1 sec. Help me please

  • Kusunoki is the saving grace for f2p players in this event 😁 Request for Chusgule: Though I’m not sure if this has been discussed before, could you make a video featuring kusunoki against Tomyris and see if the debuff cancellation makes kusunoki worth using?

  • i really enjoyed this too..played with exp players so got those great tips about pulling right away…i found my best marches were inf though..even with peacekeepers my cav marches didnt do as well but ill keep trying it. my khan is still a wip but will try kusi..thx for video

  • Loved Ian’s ballads when I did it. I am 40 mill ftp but did it with a couple t5 buddies and we managed pretty well with only a 25%. Jeep up the good work bro

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