January 16, 2021

How To Use Every F2P (1-3 Star) Servant In The Game 2019 [Fate/Grand Order English]

Thanks for watching!

Inspired by Gregor’s Rainbow Six: Siege “How-To” video series.

Music Used:
Hotshot 2 – Niklas Ahlström
Pure Gold 3 – Niklas Ahlström
All I Got vs. Moments vs. Sound of Walking Away – Said The Sky, MitiS and Illenium
Super Mega Ultra Pipe House Remix – DDRKirby(ISQ)
Take Me On Down – Jay Denton
Let Me Know – Villms & Kbubs feat. Sara Skinner
Butterflies – KAMPAI! & Tokage feat. dolltri!ck
iceshard – GlassyoceaN
Ittou Ryouran – Rokka (六花)
God Only Knows – 暁Records
泡沫の旅人 – Swing Holic Band
Sign – The Other Flower
From Now On / Memories – FELT
Dreamin’ – FELT
厄神様が恋した幻想郷 (The Gensokyo the Apotropaic God Loved) – Shibayan Records
Ever Freedom – AQUATRAX
The Philosopher’s Polar North / 賢者の極北 (Nhato Remix) – Shibayan Records
Playing Tag with the Watchful Crow / 物見鴉の鬼渡し- Shibayan Records
N.I.G.H.T.M.A.R.E. (Nhato Remix) – Shibayan Records
ジェリーフィッシュ – Yunomi feat. ローラーガール
Bubble Tea – dark cat feat. juu & cinders
Sweet Crepe – RUQOA
Sakura – SoLush
Orion – MarieFD
Tell Your World – Hanatan
Chrono Diver -PENDULUMs- (USAO remix) – Bemani
Genius – Written by Wolves

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  • Unfortunately I just found out that due to the sheer amount of images I've used in this video, I can't put all the image links here since Youtube comments can't be that long. So if there is an image you want, tweet at me (@TouhouSniper98) and I'll give the sauce. Next video is on MHXA.

  • When you went to Jekyll, I instantly knew you'd talk about his NP.

    It took me one Medea Lily battle to realize my mistake. (Not just the mistake of bringing a freaking Assassin to a Caster fight. It was like my first few weeks of playing FGO, I learned my lesson now.) I had to learn his NP the hard and painful way.

  • Lmao who needs Bedi anymore? Have you seen Caesar's new np? Christ it's basically Hozuin's but it deals damage

  • Boudica's' firstskill problem is fixed thanks to ROMA … But to 100% need to rely on ROMA to make her WORK!? That sounds OTL

  • Intersting thing is that boudica is now being paired up with 5-star Romulus quirinus since he can force the roman attribute on everything but boudica

  • After watching this entire video i can safely say that i am still far too inexperienced to use any 3 star character effectively so i think my Mash Medusa Support Martha Kiyohime team is enough because i dont know where to waste my EXP cards on

  • Why are Fate memes always so damn good? I barely laugh anymore, but this stupid shit has me going off.
    Ty Touhou.

  • I have to disagree for Kojiro. His true power come from how grail you give to him. Which most people give to their favorite waifu. But my lv 75 grailed Kojiro out performed their C.Star generator like Jing, Kotaro and Sassyshin both in damage and crit gen. Only Jack and maybe Curse Arm that he can't beat. His drawback is he is damn fragile and you must invest him to make him shine. Which I think it's not much expensive since he need less mat and qp than other waifu celeb.

    Also his instinct have less 1 turn cooldown than normal instinct as 4 from 5 with same effect. Also he syn well with Wu Zetian and Osakabehime.

  • Let’s appreciate the man that manually & individually reviewed, recorded, fucking edited this over an hour & a half video for our memey viewing pleasure.

  • Ever considered to split this type of Video? like into years of debute (+ those with Skill/NP upgrades?)
    that way you don't need to redo the older servants and its easier to find the Servant one wants info on

  • I can't help but rewatch this video every once in a while just because I like hearing about each servant.

  • holy sheet 100 min long im spend 3 day for view all
    ( fall sleep before end + my free time isnt be friend with my sleep time lol )
    good vedio thk for guide bro

  • You say Touta doesn't have a cool martial arts move? He just throws his rice bag at you? In judo we call that "tawara gaeshi"

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