November 25, 2020

Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood – Full Walkthrough + Bonus Chapter [PS4] rus199410

► Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood – Full Walkthrough + Bonus Chapter [PS4/Xbox One] rus199410
► Энигматис 2: Туманы Равенвуда – Полное Прохождение + Бонусная Глав [PS4/Xbox One] rus199410
► Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood – Walkthrough & Platinum Trophy Guide / 100% Achievement Guide (Trophy & Achievement Guide) rus199410

– First Walkthrough
✔ (Bronze Trophy / 10G) Grain of truth
Find an Illusive Object.
✔ (Bronze Trophy / 10G) Butterfly catcher
Find an Ethereal Butterfly.
✔ (Bronze Trophy / 10G) Faster than light!
Finish any Mini-Game in less than 1 minute.
✔ (Bronze Trophy / 5G) Quid pro quo
Find a mysterious helping hand.
✔ (Bronze Trophy / 10G) Private Eye
Perform your first evidence Deduction.
✔ (Bronze Trophy / 5G) I see the light!
Find the way back to the surface.
✔ (Bronze Trophy / 30G) Flawless aim
Finish any Hidden Object Puzzle with less than 4 mistakes.
✔ (Silver Trophy / 30G) Bright mind
Finish 4 Mini-Games in a row without skipping.
✔ (Bronze Trophy / 5G) It’s working!
Activate the cable car.
✔ (Bronze Trophy / 10G) PI
Establish the suspect of your investigation.
✔ (Bronze Trophy / 5G) I’ll be back!
Find the way back to the park grounds.
✔ (Silver Trophy / 25G) Truth will out
Find 15 Illusive Objects.
✔ (Bronze Trophy / 5G) Lift operator
Build a stable river crossing.
✔ (Bronze Trophy / 20G) Instant finding
Find 3 hidden-objects within 3 seconds.
✔ (Silver Trophy / 40G) Skilled searcher
Finish 6 Hidden Object Puzzles in a row without using hints.
✔ (Bronze Trophy / 5G) Helping hand
Treat your ally’s wounds.
✔ (Silver Trophy / 25G) Butterfly admirer
Find 15 Ethereal Butterflies.
✔ (Bronze Trophy / 30G) Deductionist
Perform 3 evidence Deductions without a wrong move.
✔ (Bronze Trophy / 5G) Raven’s nest
Gain access to the inner manor grounds.
✔ (Golden Trophy / 60G) Gospel truth
Find all Illusive Objects.
✔ (Bronze Trophy / 5G) Recall the lost
Help recover a long-lost mind.
✔ (Bronze Trophy / 30G) Eagle-eyed
Finish any Hidden Object Puzzle in less than 1 minute.
✔ (Bronze Trophy / 5G) Freedom!
Free yourself from captivity.
✔ (Golden Trophy / 80G) Master searcher
Finish all Hidden Object Puzzles without using hints.
✔ (Bronze Trophy / 50G) Proof of the crime
Collect all the Evidence.
✔ (Bronze Trophy / 5G) Amnesty
Complete the relief and open the cell.
✔ (Bronze Trophy / 30G) Licensed PI
Perform all evidence Deductions.
✔ (Bronze Trophy / 5G) Prey bites back
Deal with the beast. Permanently.
✔ (Golden Trophy / 60G) Butterfly collector
Find all Ethereal Butterflies.
✔ (Golden Trophy / 80G) Puzzle Expert
Finish all Mini-Games without skipping.
✔ (Silver Trophy / 100G) One of a kind
Complete the game on expert difficulty
✔ (Silver Trophy / 50G) Timber!
Complete the game.
✔ (Silver Trophy / 30G) The Redeemed Memories
Complete the bonus adventure.

– Second Walkthrough
✔ (Bronze Trophy / 15G) Inspector
Finish a game of Pair-Matching in less than 3 minutes.
✔ (Silver Trophy / 30G) Examiner
Finish half of all Pair-Matching games.
✔ (Golden Trophy / 80G) Master examiner
Finish all Pair-Matching games.
✔ (Platinum Trophy / 0G) Platinum
Unlock every Trophy.


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