January 18, 2021

DIY Arcade from Pallet Wood

Watch the FULL tutorial on making your own arcade from scratch:

Hey folks, fun project for you today – making a custom all-in-one portable arcade system that hooks up to modern TV’s via HDMI. To accomplish this, I used a Raspberry Pi 3 loaded with RetroPie emulation software along with any and all classic video games and arcades games you can ever want!

Want your own custom artwork? Let me know! I can design it for you. Email me here: brett@withjackdesigns.com

Here’s the shopping list:
Raspberry Pi 3:

Arcade Controls:

MicroSD Card:

RetroPie Software:

And if you don’t have one already, you’ll need an SD or Micro SD card reader, a screen that accepts HDMI or an HDMI adapter for the screen you’re using, and of course, a USB thumb drive to load games onto the RPi.

For the Game ROMs, just google the name of the game plus the game system and then the word ROM at the end (EXAMPLE: “Gauntlet NES ROM”) and download the ZIP and rename it to whatever you’d like and then load that onto the RPi.

If you’d like a COMPLETE beginners guide on how to do all of this, start to finish, let me know in the comments,

Thanks for watching!


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  • Hey folks, here's the FULL tutorial showing what to buy and how to set it all up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2KNhY_6byE

  • Not that bad but would of looked better if you used acrylic on top of your artwork so in time it does wear itself down and then look bad.

  • The only thing he did wrong on this is that he designed it with the start and select buttons on the front plate where they could be accidentally hit. Other than that, this is truly amazing.

  • nice. Also, without the Raspberry pie this still makes for a perfectly functional arcade controller for PC(and other consoles, depending on what USB encoder you use, I believe the one in the description is just for PC, but it's fine because the multi-platform ones can get expensive)

  • Cool, but what would be REALLY rad would be how to make boxes with common tools. Maybe stick to a circular saw or angle grinder or something. Stuff that doesnt require large machines and lots of space.

  • If you use marine spar varnish, it will put on a thicker clear coat that will last longer and be more durable. Cost a bit more money though

  • The Start and Select buttons are in a dangerous position. Always have them either above the joystick by a large distance or on the side opposite your body's position. If playing a game like Marvel vs Capcom 2, or Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom , or any other game where you can mash for more damage or to escape a scenario, the last thing you want is to accidentally hit those buttons and pause your game [resulting in a disqualification, or some other annoyance…].

  • Do you make any for sale? Or can you make recommendations for someone else that does. I am looking to buy a premade raspberry pi 3 + kit with the games preloaded… Basically a plug-in play because I am not tech savvy. Where I live I don't even have internet access except by my phone. I love the retro games and your design is a work of art. Is there a way to add USB controllers in your design?

  • – 0:53 sexy jointer smoothing the board edge
    – 1:25 boffs the angle cut with a wobbly jigsaw
    – 1:37 fights the wood down to level with a HAND PLANE
    – 3:49 reveals he had a belt sander THE WHOLE TIME

  • 42 years ago I was a kid skipping school collecting bottles to get Arcade money I could scratch up some money every day

  • wow you make it look so eazy. great video dude. Im waiting for mine to come then Ima try and build me one.

  • Yo he visto cosas feas y cutres pero a ti compadre no hay quien te gane jajaja,que cosa mas fea!!!me han dolido los ojos de mirar tu vídeo jajaja

  • How durable is the top panel? Since most commercial arcade sticks have some sort of a metal plate underneath to support button mashing.

    Good shit, man.

  • After all that you didn't bother to put in a bottom for the stick?

    Anyway beautiful build and super envious of your workshop and tools.

  • It's nice when you can sit down with a nice black strong coffee and know you are going to be watching something special. I love my arcade sticks and i love yours just as much. A very well put together video. A big thumbs up to you

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