September 8, 2020

CROSSROADS INN Gameplay Ep 1 – SURPRISINGLY GOOD! – New Tycoon Sim Strategy Game 2019

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NOTE: This game is NOT Early Access as stated in the video, it is actually in full release.

Crossroads Inn is a real-time management simulation with role-playing games elements. The game consists of two unique modes offering totally different experiences.

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Skyes PC Spec
CPU: Intel i9-9900k @5.0 GHz
GPU: Gigabyte Aorus GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Xtreme Waterforce 11G

End Titles Music:
Tobu – Candyland –
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  • Crossroads Inn LIVESTREAM – Sunday 27th Oct 2019 7pm UK –

    Crossroads Inn Full Series Playlist –

  • This game should not have been released in the sorry state it is in. The graphics are boring, all brown in brown; the gameplay is boring, you mostly buy goods then wait until your staff have sold them, occasionally throwing thumbs-up or sending someone on break. The pathfinding keeps getting stuck, lists aren't sorted alphabetically if you play in English, there is barely any story, and since the last patch the game always crashes when you attempt to load a savegame.
    Even if it was in a better (stable) technical state, the game would still be a badly designed, boring mess.

  • Late to the video but better late then never. I was just searching for new games to play and like I usually do, I like to see a let's play before I get a game. It looked interesting and watching this, I am interested in play the game for myself. So thank you and please keep this let's play going.

  • As someone who wants to learn stuff for games the into just made my eyes orgasm lol… That was so good 😅

  • I hope you see this…..since you know quite a bit about this game….what exactly are greens in Crossroads Inn? Is cabbage or a totally different ingredient? And were you able to get gambling tables working in the game when you played it?

  • You love the game you say. I dare you to do the campaign mode. My hubby and I follow you and Katherine of Skye (on his account sorry for making contact on my account but he is busy watching you playing Transport Fever 2 on his as I write this) and greatly enjoy both your and her work. I dare you and her as well, to do the Crossroads Inn campaign mode as I have been trying to get through it with great frustration (frustration is an unintended biproduct). The seer version stops after you receive a letter which states the author marked 4 places on the map. Except there are no marks. The cult version does put marks on the map, however just as with the seer version, you can't get the required items to house the merchant who will appear.Other than the highly frustrating bugs stopping the game, yes the game is cute but the devs obviously never bothered to test run their product ahead of release.Keep up the great work! As I already stated, my hubby and I really enjoy your videos. Just like Katherine, you are thorough and funny!Greetings from two old as the hills gamers

  • You can actually store multiple types of alcohol in a single barrel. Logic 😀

    Also town criers advertise to get certain types of patrons.. influence is from the magnifying glass.

  • This game SHOULD have been released as 'early access' but was, instead, released as a supposedly fully functioning game. The devs seem to be working to fix the bugs, but they haven't got there quite yet. I think I'll wait a bit before buying to allow them to get more of the frustrations ironed out.

  • thank you for showing the intro and main menu of the game instead of skipping the intro commentary of the game and doing your own thing!! ive watched another youtuber play this and wasnt able to catch everything

  • I can just picture him in the window yelling at passerbys "COME IN AND HAVE A DRINK DAMNIT!" while they're looking at the closed sign wondering what the hell his problem is.

  • I need to keep the mouse stable to get the tooltip all the while shaking the cursor violently no shit Sherlock's butt. Dumb idiot. You're insufferable. But the game is interesting and it's worth playing.

  • At 33:10 you can see the lowkey racism put in this game. The more you charge for lager, the angrier black people will get.

  • the steam store page says nothing about it being early access, and in the menu in this video it says version 1.0.2

    are you sure this is not a full release?

  • For some reason this game runs my CPU really hot evne though its only at 15% usage. Also no fps limiter? I have 2000 fps in the main menu…

  • I love the world-building. But it would be good if the business can influence the place to become a village and so on.
    Well, I still wait something like that to come …

  • I'm liking this game. Looks really interesting to me. And I am very impressed with the shadows of the people, they are well done for an early access indie game.

  • I was like open your god damn bar for the last half of the video duration. 😤🤯

    Then being happy with your income, when your guest is having poor service rendered.

  • all ready to serv but you didnt open the Inn LOL … and your bar is backwards facing the wall not the room 😉

  • I've never seen an intro try so hard to be a game of thrones ripoff. That was impressive. Still watching, just wanted to call that out before I continued and forget about it.

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