January 17, 2021

Can Omega Beat Rolex At Its Own Game? | Watchfinder & Co.

Watchfinder & Co. presents:

Walk into your nearest Omega boutique and chances are very high you’d be able to walk out again, wallet lighter, with a Speedmaster on your wrist. Not so Rolex’s Daytona, not unless you’re willing to pay the premium for precious metals. But is history about to change?

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Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116500 LN

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  • Had the Daytona before they were hot (even got a discount). Wore way too small and traded it back to my dealer for a TT Sub. It really wears like a unisex sized watch and why so many ladies wear the Daytona. Today the Omega movement is much better than the Rolex chronograph movement in every technical way. The Daytona movement is nothing special and might even be considered “outdated” and Lott;e know fact that the markers are actually wrong on the Daytona. Daytona owners don’t seem to care about these shortcomings and I would bet they don’t even know how to use a tachometer. The crown is really the most important feature and why the Daytona’s bragging rights are what their owners are really after.

  • In 20 years, tell me which one will be worth more vs original purchase price? Look at 2000 Seamaster vs. Submariner.

  • Two great watches, i ve both brands, the moonwatch and the hulk, in this case i think the Rolex would be my choice

  • Nice watch. Band is fairly easy to size and looks good.◓◓>imgs.love/RolexDweller?O41 Not very bright in the dark but good watch for the money.

  • Everyone in the comment section would pick up Speedmaster over Daytona, yet only for Rolex you need to get on a wait list.

  • Unfortunately, the automatic Speedmaster is with it's 44,25mm diameter a little too big for an average wrist like mine, the Rolex and the "standard" mechanical wound Speedy is perfect in size. But Omega is not doing a lot with it's smaller case Speedy and is "only" offering it as a manual wound watch with the standard black dial…

  • ◎★♀☆♂¤Luxury,Watch、Clothes、Belt、jewelry、Scarf、Shoes、glasses、Bag,Shipping worldwide,Same Original,For more info, please contact,Wechat:1365452407奢侈品,手表、衣服、皮带、饰品、围巾、鞋子、眼镜、包包,邮寄全球,以假乱真,更多图片细节和款式+VX:1365452407

  • Price aside, I would still buy the Speedmaster. It looks splendid and has a legitimate history worthy of being proud of.

  • 5X more accurate than the patek, 5x more accurate than the AP, 2x than Rolex cal 3153. Just gains 2 seconds in a whole month https://youtu.be/X_RJu14k_i0. The most accurate automatic watch in the market today.

  • Rolex sell a name, Omega sells watches. People want to be attached to the Rolex con and pay crazy prices for it. Omega's value for money goes without saying, so throw the snobbery out the window, and allow common sense to take over.

  • In terms of style I do think Rolex is the winner. The bracelet just seems more radiant and the dial is better proportioned. Omega wins absolutely every else though. Genuine innovation (albeit with the help of a certain George Daniels) and it has a date! And then there is all the baggage of having a Daytona. The brand itself is quite tacky and, for me, shows lack of imagination. Instead of Daytona, Rolex should call it the 'Rolex Cosmograph I'll see if I can find one in the Dubai Duty Free'.

    Having said that though, I think we have Rolex to thank for so many superb watches coming out in the premium sports chronograph segment at the moment.

  • The Speedmaster is gorgeous, absolutely no question. With that said, I prefer the 3 subdial layout of the Daytona more. The Omega looks slightly bloated next to the Daytona as well.

  • They are beating Rolex for along time now. But Rolex is like Apple . Suckers are gonna buy 50s technology just because ROLEX is inscribed on it…

  • Oh if only my grandpa had some money and insight, or even better, if he knew the future, and invested in 10-20 of those early Daytonas.. How much these vintage ones go for now? 50 000, 70 000, 100 000$??

  • Holly shit!! What beautiful watches… I'd take both tank you.. But since I currently can't afford neither one I think my saving will get me the Speedmaster much much sooner.. 6000-18 000$. Is there any question which is better watch…

  • I vote for Rolex. My Rolex Explorer adds one second per day, but Omega adds six. Its enough for me to make a choise.

  • all of you crying on rolex waiting list. visit macau or hk u can walk to ad and get what you want. lol grey market here sells brandnew with good discount.

  • This may sound really odd but my biggest issue with modern Daytona’s is the sub dials at 3 and 9 being slightly higher (they used to be centered with the markers). The speedmaster sub dials are centered. I personally think the speedmaster is the better looking of the two.

  • You reap what you sow…….fantastic a watch a rolex is…..the times are changing…….the rolex professional range with its bullshit waiting times doesnt justify the product……watch this space(scuse the pun)

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