January 16, 2021

Are Ian's Ballads and Peerless Scholar good for F2P in Rise of Kingdoms (rok)

We review the upcoming patch notes for Rise of Kingdoms (rok) to determine if Ian’s Ballads and Peerless Scholar events will be free to play friendly. Also, will they save KvK?

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  • Hi chis! Seems like a fun kvk comming up, we're matched against eachother! Seems like its going to be top heavy (you guys) versus midlevel heavy (us). Should be fun to see which will win!

    Anyway, goodluck to you guys!

  • Hey Chisgule …
    I god for 5 minutes Eduard of Woodstock but i dont know how to skill him. Can you make a video about the best archer combies or show him in the next video a short time?

  • @Chisgule , is a Edward- Cid pair as good as it looks or edward ysg is better? Edward buffs his army when they are on >70% and cid when they are <50% , Looks sick to me

  • Your “cheese block” will be converted to mountain areas.. When you zero people’s friends expect them to screw you anyway they can.

  • People are really getting hyped on ramesses but first his active of “continuous damage” just means hits twice the term continuous damage is a lie it’s just how many seconds it lasts. Secondly he’s so RNG based that sure if you’re really lucky your rally will shred, if not you get destroyed. Beyond that everyone is looking at Charles constantine for being the only defense in the game but edward ramesses will get plowed by the new dark horse combo Saladin takeda, most people will laugh at that until it comes to fruition but I truly believe and confident ramesses will not be meta, Lilith hate archers, hes not bad but he’s not the messiah everyone hopes for just like with how everyone thinks YSG is superman.

  • Not sure why no ones asked but why is there no ramesses wheel on my game? & when will I get it? I notice this guy has many characters that aren’t even in my game such as Tomyris, Atilla, & charlemagne… can’t find ANY YouTube videos on how to get these or the many other characters that are out there, anyone?

  • Hi Chis, i did not understand your argument about the 4 sec heal block. Isn't the 2sec silence from Hermann and the 2sec heal block overlapping such that we get an effective 3 sec heal block? Please explain for stupid people like me 🙂

  • This is not only for f2p plays. Pay to win players will also unlock and use those. So nothing will happen exceptional for f2p players.

  • Hope the don’t nerf Ramesses like Attila. My kingdom was on the last Attila MGE and I went all in on it. The next day he was nerfed. What a waste of my training speedups, resources and healing speedups.

  • I am gonna need more info about the account binding…. Wasnt clear enough..
    Waiting eagerly for the update
    Hey chisgule what does march speed bonus do when ur fighting in open field.

  • BINDING ACCOUNTS : The panel on the Settings, where you can switch from 1 account at a certain Kingdom to another that you posess. Accounts that are binded to you! New panel to handle them actually 🙂

  • Hey! loving your videos, really helps alot, getting up to date with ROK. Since your a sponsored creator! is it possible to suggest updates? I think they should really have in addition to the daily quest that gives out epic sculptures, weekly quests that gives out few gold sculptures, will help F2P or low spenders to upgrade their legendary commanders.

  • Use the 7 sculptures to unlock the first skill you hoarder lol! You’ve got like 8 million of em. You can stand to part with 7. 🙂

  • As a F2P player, I’m really excited for the Peerless Scholar event, because I love trivia and from the looks of it, it’s going to have some really nice rewards.

  • This is going to be interesting, Chinese history is very different from what the rest of the world believes.

  • I want the harvester gear for my gatherer for alliance stockpile. Other than that I'm too busy focusing on building my purple equipment.

    5:00 I am thinking it's related to when you switch accounts, or the accounts bound to the individual.

    8:00 I want more alliance research diversity, and alliance buildings, maybe they can add some kingdom buildings (like alliance flags and fortress but kingdom to be used by the titled people and the king. Instead of leader + r4. Adding heirarchal dimensions to the buildings for the kingdom, aside from flags and fortresses. Like flags anyone from my kingdom can enter. Not just that alliances.

    12:45 we live vicariously through chisgules ability to actually use that content xD

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