September 8, 2020

8:46 EMOTIONAL Educational Virtual Reality Experience 9/11/2001

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I did not expect this demo to impact me so emotionally. I think I felt a bit like I was a guardian angel simply witnessing something that I could not help to save in any way, that made it devastating to play through the whole demo. Like going back in time and sailing the Titanic. You want to save people… but… im just in VR…. I hope people use these tools to help others learn and create understanding.

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– Educational? Controversial? Emotional? idk …this one hit me hard in the feels

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  • I was sitting in english class in tenth grade when someone ran into our room yelling a plane hit the world trade center. Our vice principal turned on the tv and I remember me and my friend crying as we watched people jump from the building

  • That is some scary shit, I can't imagine the amount of fear that was going through the victims minds at the time..

  • Imagine going to work just like any other day and having to choose between death by fire, jumping, or crushing 🥺🥺🥺

  • Only real men cry and u have shown alot of heart I I can do is pray nothing like this ever happens ever again 😔😔😔RIP to everyone who died in 9/11

  • That sucks for these people, but how did all the doors get stuck? did something collapsed on them or did the shockwave jam them?

  • Who tf makes this?! Why would you want to relive this? Let alone make it into a game… All of the emotional experience these people actually felt during their last moments… it’s not meant for a “fun experience”. I remember I was in 5th grade when this occurred. And saw the live news. Was so sad…

  • I didnt cry. But I think its a °You have to be in that° so. When My Headset arrives. I will edit this and tell you if i cried.

  • The floor was getting hotter heat rises. There is absolutely no light at all except for flashlights. Airplane fuel is excruciatingly hot. The smoke taking all the oxygen. Break the window the wind draws the fire closer. All the doors are blocked or jammed shut with debris or fire blocking the other side.
    a. Suffocate
    b. Building Collapse
    c. Jump or Fall

    Either way death

  • I don’t want to assume how old you are….I witnessed jumpers it was horrifying and the sound they made echoed like a small bomb depending where it hit. Finally it became too much and you had to stop watching because it was traumatic. People’s eyewitness testimony said it all people were breaking down in the streets crying & this was before the eminent danger of collapse was known for sure, people is the surrounding buildings had skyline views from certain vantage points to the ground it was chaos. I honestly think kids today don’t understand what that did to the nation as it was broadcast and people who saw it unedited/raw the only thing my parents said it was like the day Kennedy was assassinated everyone walked around in a fog, however the huge difference were talking thousands of unaccounted people missing family members cell phones were jammed because the outgoing lines couldn’t handle the outgoing call load in the area unless you used a 2 way pager or Blackberry/internet or landline you reached. You had to wait.

  • I admire you for crying, man. Shows how much compassion, empathy, and emotion you have for the victims. Real men cry! 👍

  • I don't know you, I've never seen any other video you may have made, but you absolutely broke my heart bro. Much love to ya 🤜🤛

  • Hey man I'd not blame you for crying while playing this game, 9/11 was a tragic and horrifying day for everyone across the globe. Never Forget.

  • So there are two people on this floor? Besides being terribly disrespectful to the victims family's, where did they get these horribly accented actors?. Whole thing a complete waste and a really disturbing idiotic game!!!

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