January 17, 2021

💲 Money vs. Barter | Characteristics of Money

Money vs. barter. Why is barter ineffective? What are the characteristics of money that allow it to be used that way? Learn Austrian Economics in a fun way!


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Econ Clips is an economic blog. Our objetive is teaching economics through easy to watch animated films. We talk about variety of subjects such as economy, finance, money, investing, monetary systems, financial markets, financial institutions, cental banks and so on. With us You can learn how to acquire wealth and make good financial decisions. How to be better at managing your personal finance. How to avoid a Ponzi Scheme and other financial frauds or fall into a credit trap. If You want to know how the economy really works, how to understand and protect yourself from inflation or economic collapse – join us on econclips.com. Learn Austrian Economics in a fun way!

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  • hello ECONCLIPS. . .Am quite amazed by your presentation. I currently subscribe to this channel and liked your video.

  • This is why markets were created, so everyone was bartering in the same place. To state that this is why bartering is ineffective shows your lack of understanding of the system. It is more the fluctuation of prices that makes bartering ineffective to some degree.

  • Not only that but yes we have technology today and shipment options ect. Even local places that could barter or be a system of bartering. The real issue lies in the fact that it is out of the way and difficult to live like this.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA…….. Yeah, ok buddy. I'll just got strait a school that charges $200,000 to be taught something that's there's 2 available job openings for. Oh but they're both 5,000 plus miles away. And you just spent $200,000 dollars you never really had, and MUST repay now. But there's no jobs in the field of my degree within my grasps.
    Actually, the highest paying job within the entire country, is only willing to pay me $30-$35HR after first gaining 10 years of experience. But they'll start you off at $15.47HR. Isn't that just the best news you've had in your while entire life?????!!!! Oh wait, sorry sir, the positionhad already been filled. But your always more than welcome to re-apply at any time. Mean while Sir, i hear the McDonald, the BurgerKing, the TacoBell, the Wal-Mart, the anything and everything that's guaranteed to go nowhere, but guarantees you'll have the opportunity to make the BILLIONAIRE owners even bigger BILLIONAIRES.!!!

  • Thats a very inadequate example considering there's 7.6 BILLION living people on earth. And you don't have to trade materialistic items for more materialistic items.
    For example:
    As an electrician, I can trade my knowledge and services in exchange for materialistic items such as clothes, food, and other services.
    And there are tons of different types of professional services that can be exchanged for whatever I am in need of, or what someone else is in need of.
    With there being 7.6 BILLION people world wide, and roughly 350-400 million citizens in the U.S.A.!! I am quite certain that there is a big enough diversity of people with individual needs, and professional trade skills, that barter exchange system would work perfectly. If not better than the current money system in place.
    Money, gold, silver, diamonds, other jewels, and all other firms of 21st century currency are good for only one thing. That is to create a a hierarchy and a guaranteed, forever lasting ladder system, that keeps the poor trapped in a millennium of making the rich richer, and the poor have to survive with less and less.

  • So if you believe it's in effective due to too many goods why not cut most of the goods out? Majority of goods aren't needed to exist or entertain.

  • Yes, if that moronic example is how a barter system would work it's true it would never work. Luckily, that is not a real world example.

  • gold is divisible. if 1 dollar correspondents to an atom I wonder what total money supply would be if it was based on this.

  • I love how this is looking at things from such a clean slate, rather than just assuming money is a fundamental part of existence, as much as gravity or light. It's an idea, one way things can (and have) been done, not a guaranteed aspect of reality.

  • You can think of money as barter as well. It is simply barter but for one or two things only. Whatever the thing is that is the most highly desired item by all will become the money. In a free market the money standard will emerge naturally.

  • Due to hyperinflation in Venezuela, barter has been a necessity for goods and services in the past few years among businesses and individuals both. While money is still used, it has become impractical to use much of the time due to the loss of the value of their currency.

  • Only after the last tree has been cut down.
    Only after the last river has been poisoned.
    Only after the last fish has been caught, only then
    you will find that MONEY CANNOT BE EATEN.

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