November 23, 2020

【FGO】Bunny Altria Skill Upgrade Demo: Royal Card『ロイヤルカード』【Fate/Grand Order】

Royal Card C+ has been upgraded to Royal Card B+
– Cooldown reduced by 1
– Debuff one ally Servant with: “Exclude their cards from appearing on the next shuffle (1 time, 1 turn)”
– Shuffle the cards of current turn
– Buff party crit damage (3 turns)
– Buff party NP gen (1 turn)

I did a few tests to show its interaction with deck reset mechanic here. As you know, a deck reset will happen naturally after every 3 turns or the turn after a Servant died. Royal Card has the hidden effect of resetting the deck the turn after, just like when a Servant died.

0:23 Stacking 2 Royal Card
Because the shuffle happened immediately after casting, you can’t “stack” 2 Royal Card and get a full 5 cards of the remaining Servant.
0:40 Deck reset test 1
Support Bunny’s Art card showed up twice on T1 and T2, confirming that Royal Card performed a deck reset on T2.
1:12 Royal Card with 2 Servants
With 2 Servants on the field, using Royal Card will guarantee all 5 cards of a Servant of your choice (pretty obvious but hey, I gotta try to know).
1:59 Deck reset test 2
A more obvious proof of Royal Card resetting the deck on the turn after as I got back 4 Bunny cards.
2:23 3T farming test with the new Royal Card skill on the Casino Camelot Millionaire Grade node.
Gotta pray you don’t get all 5 Merlin or 5 Bunny cards on T2 so it’s not a perfect 3T though.

Tl;dr: Definitely not Destiny Draw.



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  • I can already see now players Pairing our Bunny Ruler with BB Summer to cheese every Challenge Quest now

  • I just learned that Bunny's card shuffle block debuff can be resisted by a debuff immune
    They put demerit as a buff lately but they didn't thought about this.. ☺

  • Any card manipulation skill is always good, I hope there are more servants like this in the future. Though personally I still think that this should have been implemented on mystic code, rather than servant skills. Would give the impression that us, masters, have more control over our servants on the battlefield.

  • If u use Artoria's skill on someone and as their cards are removed for 3 turns , so if u switch that servant with someone else will the effect disappear or still remain ?

  • I think the best partner for her will be BB(summer) with their ability it would be fun to focus on chain attacks

  • you should use detective fou ce instead of bella lisa cause its just 5% qp increase while fou gives 5% qp and bond increase

  • So basically, imagine you have:
    – Ruler Artoria
    – Avenger Ishtar
    – Moon Cancer Summer BB
    You could use Ruler Artoria to sort out cards from her or BB that are not Rin's Arts Cards, then switch her NP type to Arts, and use Summer BB to lock down those cards for three turns… imagine if that could NP loop lol
    I'm really not sure it works. In fact I have neither of these three to test. But fsr just to think these precise three synergize like that, and that it could possibly work out as a loop set-up (with a dose of RNG nonetheless), I find that amusing. 😛

  • DAMN, I just finished Bunnytoria's skills 10/10/10 and I didn't knew she had a rank up skill. Christmas is early! :3

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